Fill level & Label condition

Wines which are subject to margin tax are marked accordingly and we cannot display VAT (Net = Gross || Differenzbesteuerung)

We never use symbol pictures. The picture displayed is the picture of the particular bottle you are going to buy.

All bottles are available immediately and are stored in our temperature-controlled wine cellar.

Bordeaux bottles / fill level:

hf high fill fill level
in into neck perfect for wines of any age
ts top-shoulder normal for wines that are 15 years or older
hs high-shoulder Natural fading, usually completely harmless. Acceptable for wines older than 20 years. Exceptional for wines older than 50 years.
ms mid-shoulder Mostly a sign of an aging cork, therefore lower estimate. Calculable risk. Not uncommon for 30 to 40 year old wines.
lms lower-mid-shoulder Risk still acceptable. Lower estimate.
ls low-shoulder Risky purchase. Only acceptable for exceptionally rare or sought-after wines. Lowest estimate.


Burgundy bottles:
The ullage describes (in cm) the difference between wine & cork

Bordeaux bottles:
See picture above!

For non-standard bottles, we describe the ullage beween wine & cork (besides HF).

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