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Berndt May

Sales, purchasing, customer service, organization of master classes (Tastings)

berndt.may@maywines.com | +43 664 26 26 911

Is there anything finer than turning a hobby into a career? After 29 years in the financial sector, I transitioned to a genial, down-to-earth profession that provides me with tremendous joy and inner peace.

Even so, the role of host was business as usual during the last 20 years of my work as a banker. Nothing brings me more joy than sharing, discussing and even philosophizing about wine with other enthusiasts over a fine bottle.  

For 15 years, my wine motto was: “Just for the love of it … and never for money,” which meant naturally that the Manfred Krankl label was emblazoned proudly on our cellar doors. Yet it’s a motto that doesn’t quite fit the wine selling profession. 

So we’ve modified it slightly to “Wine with Passion.”

A wine to which I have a real connection:
1989 Haut Brion

My background:
29 years as an asset manager, most recently with J.P. Morgan, and 20 years of private wine appreciation. For those who enjoy the details, here is my CV.

Berndt May

Andrea May

Social media, finances and more

andrea.may@maywines.com | +43 676 620 21 83

Sometimes the finest things are so simple. A lovely, thrilling glass of wine, and a bit of leisure time and companions who feel the same way. 

But there’s so much more to wine. Artistry, craftsmanship, a dynamic natural product. I love the changeability. Once in the glass, the wine begins to breathe and slowly reveal its essence. Any initial reservedness, reticence and even stiffness soon elides into a harmonious roundness, multi-layered seduction or willful intellectualism. 

Once you learn to read the wine, you can begin gathering the experience required to draw out its best. And yet another bottle of the same wine, aged a few more years, will present entirely differently. A new world opens up, with the primary aromas yielding in favor of secondary and tertiary ones. Perhaps the most forward notes give way to the fresh, fruity and impetuous, or the wine simply gains a roundness, harmony, fruitiness or juiciness.

This is why I love not just the tangible pleasure, but also the intensive intellectual engagement with wine, as experienced through analysis, description and discussion with like-minded aficionados. 

My first true favorite wine:
Pichon Comtesse 1982.

My background:
8 years at the Verlagsgruppe News publishing group, 18 years at Wine&Partners and 20 years of private wine enjoyment.

Andrea May

Johannes Tremel, BA 

Online shop, sales, customer service, tastings

johannes.tremel@maywines.com | +43 664 97 45 440

The music of Richard Wagner. The wine of Chateau Latour. Music and wine have much in common: for one, both demand absolute devotion to not just understand and appreciate, but truly to dream and live them. Both are also ultimately works of art, crafted by the human hand. The finer they are, the more they demand thoughtful examination.

I find myself contemplating the same questions with wine as for music: How did the winegrower/composer conceive of the wine? What was he or she hoping to convey to me? What should remain in memory? Do I enjoy engaging in that exchange?

Joined May Wines in April 2019. A favorite wine that shaped my thoughts: 1996 Château Latour.

Johannes Tremel

Johannes Weber

Marketing, sales, customer service, tastings

johannes.weber@maywines.com | +43 664 164 89 80

The variety of Planet Wine is so fascinating to me. Every fine wine has it’s own history. It’s the history of the wine maker and his family and oftentimes it’s part of a very long tradition. The history of its origin, the soil and the climate. It’s the history of sweat and hard work, it’s the fight and the symbiosis with nature. A history of dedication, pleasure, thankfulness and enjoyment.

Wine is responsible for so many unique stories and to my great satisfaction I can explore Planet Wine, learn his history and share my enjoyment with others.

Joined May Wines in June 2020.



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