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Our Team

Berndt May

Owner and founder

Contact: | +43 664 26 26 911

Is there anything finer than turning a hobby into a career? After 29 years in the financial sector, I transitioned to a genial, down-to-earth profession that provides me with tremendous joy and inner peace.

Even so, the role of host was business as usual during the last 20 years of my work as a banker. Nothing brings me more joy than sharing, discussing and even philosophizing about wine with other enthusiasts over a fine bottle.  

For 15 years, my wine motto was: “Just for the love of it … and never for money,” which meant naturally that the Manfred Krankl label was emblazoned proudly on our cellar doors. Yet it’s a motto that doesn’t quite fit the wine selling profession. 

So we’ve modified it slightly to “Wine with Passion.”

A wine to which I have a real connection:
1989 Haut Brion

My background:
29 years as an asset manager, most recently with J.P. Morgan, and 23 years of private wine appreciation. For those who enjoy the details, here is my CV.


Andrea May

Owner and founder

Contact: | +43 676 620 21 83

Sometimes the finest things are so simple. A lovely, thrilling glass of wine, and a bit of leisure time and companions who feel the same way. 

I have been dealing intensively with the subject of wine for 23 years now. My private interest and professional ambition through my work in the PR agency Wine&Partners turned into a passion that has culminated in the founding of May Wines together with my husband Berndt.

We got to know the great wines of the world early on and increased and trained our knowledge and tasting skills in regular tastings with like-minded people. I was, and sometimes still am, often the only women at the table. Because I like to discuss and philosophize about the wines just as much and as intensively as the male wine lovers.

I not only love the enjoyment, but also the intensive intellectual engagement with wine, as experienced through analysis, description and discussion with like-minded aficionados. 

My first true favorite wine:
Pichon Comtesse 1982.

My background:
8 years at the Verlagsgruppe News publishing group, 19 years at Wine&Partners and 23 years of private wine enjoyment.


Konstantin Schindlmaisser, BA

customer service, organization of master classes (Tastings), sales

Contact: | +43 676 583 47 60

A passion, that I will have for my whole life. I was lucky to get born into a family, which is in the wine business and therefore I was always surrounded by the topic wine. Since the early days, I was fascinated what that product is capable of, from making new friendships, bonding with colleagues, philosophize about the products itself and create wonderful moments and experiences. Additional to that, it is also a good asset to invest into if you like to do so. For me the experiences are just more important, and I still see it as a consumption good, which I think is important. 

Due to my experiences in the wine industry around the globe, I got in contact with different consumer habits and preferences. Like in all markets we find specific trends, wine prices which are going up, due to ratings and products that are so rare, that they are almost a myth. All of them have an impact on the demand, but what is really relevant besides all that: “Does it taste good or not?”

The most excitement I have for wine, is that it is so diverse, no wine is alike, even if it is the same wine, there are differences from vintage to vintage, and in a later ripening period even from bottle to bottle within the same vintage.

At the end, I would like to wish all wine lovers, and passionate wine drinkers “Cheers, Santé and Prost”. 

My first true favorite wine:
2001 Masseto

Franziska Frank, MA

Logistics, administration, processing of orders, management of the wine cellar


For me as a passionate movie lover, wine is comparable to a good movie. The role of the director is taken by the winemaker, location and weather make up the film set, and the leading role is played by the vineyards.

Through a harmonious composition, conscientious work, responsibility and creativity, a unique story is created that thrills the audience. For me, it’s very exciting and fascinating to experience wine from different and new points of view.

Joined May Wines in March 2021.


Webshop, sales, customer service, tastings

Contact: | +43 664 164 89 80

I had my “aha moment” about wine at the age of 21 during a lecture of my food technology studies. From then on, this topic has never left me and has become my passion.

Both in my private and professional life, I am fascinated by the stories that the individual bottles and vintages tell. Through the dedication of the winemakers, new masterpieces are created every year, and I was also able to experience their production myself during several internships.

Originally from Vorarlberg, my professional career took me via Great Britain, Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Croatia, Germany to Vienna.  Here at May Wines I have the opportunity to continue my journey through the international wine world.

Joined May Wines in June 2022.

Paul Breuss

Marketing, webshop, graphics and design

Contact: | +43 660 1474763

The multifaceted nature of the wine industry has fascinated me for years. It is my passion to combine diverse wine knowledge, an affinity for pleasure and the marketing of great products.

In recent years, I have been able to experience many exciting aspects of wine and its creators, the wineries, and I have also been involved in the implementation of some projects.

Among other things, I was able to develop and market a non-alcoholic vintage drink – JUZZZ. And I am also very passionate about the photographic representation of wineries.

Always gaining new know-how in these areas gives me great pleasure. After all, who wouldn’t want to work in an industry where pleasure is the most important point at all?

Joined May Wines in November 2021.

Paul Breuss



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